Tech Gifts for Grandparents Day

Grandparents day was launched in the USA in 1978 when Jimmy Carter pronounced it a national holiday. Apple does not yet recognize it in their iCal so perhaps it is mainly a gifting holiday. But if you would like to recognize your grandparents who have been so kind to you or your kids, here is a nice official holiday to do it on. The holiday is celebrated in different countries on different days. In the USA it is celebrated on the first Sunday following Labor Day.

I was always a doting granddaughter to my very kind grandparents so they probably didn’t notice the extra love missing on the holiday that I hadn’t heard about then. I worked in Japan, for 20+ years beginning in 1981, where elders are well taken care of by their families and the holiday would be superfluous.

Some people long for grandchildren. Linda Bernstein wrote about her grandparent yearnings today for PBS.

I have never borne children myself. My stepdaughter, Ariana, has been very generous in allowing me to share in the process of her pregnancy and spend time with my new grandson. It has been my first opportunity to learn about babies. I’m still not crazy about the “G” word. Working in tech, I don’t want to create a mistaken impression that I’m not completely on top of my game. I haven’t been able to resist a pattern of sharing the occasional oh so adorable photo on Facebook. But I still prefer to be referred to by “tutu,” the Hawaiian word for grandparent.

How do you feel about being a grandparent?

Since this IS a gifting holiday, here are some suggested last minute tech gifts for the grandparents in your life.

Custom Home-Made Tech Gifts

Create a Blog For A Grandparent
I did one for my father for his poetry. If you have the skills to do this, I recommend it. You can also commission a website for a grandparent to be produced by a professional.

Deliver Photos They Will Appreciate
If they have refused to get on Facebook where it is easy to share your photos with them, here are some quick catch up ideas you can deliver at low cost. You can bring over a flash drive with photos, load them on their computer and show them how to view them. This does assume they have a computer to view them on. But these days, pretty much everyone at least does email so they should have some kind of computer for this. Promise to print 3 of the photos of their choice. You could also do this by emailing photos with the same promise. Although you could send them to a link with an online photo album the flash drive or email alternatives make them feel more like they own the photos.

Collect Lyrics for Songs to Sing to New Grandchildren
I found myself digging up show tunes to sing to baby Ethan. I have the computer skills to go find the lyrics to songs I only half remember but a collection of lyrics is a possible gift for a new grandparent.

Order Online and Send With a Gift Card Tech Gifts

Apple iPhone
My senior father adores his iPhone. Of the smart phones, this is the easiest one to use. One advantage is the large number keypad. At first he thought he wouldn’t want apps, now he loves them and continues to add new ones. If the grandparent in your life doesn’t have a smart phone yet, it’s time. If your grandparent is on your family cell phone plan, of course, you will also pick up their data costs.

New grandparents love taking photos of their grandchildren. Ray is a professional photographer and taken many photos of baby Ethan with his Nikon but the iPhone is easily available for special photo opps. (I captured this photo of Ray taking a photo with my iPhone.)

Ray Gordon Shooting Ethan with iPhone First Six Months

Ray shooting Ethan at six months in June this year

Here’s a shot Ray got helping his daughter, Ariana with Ethan’s bath.

photo by Ray Gordon of Ethan at six months old

Ray captured this photo the same day with his iPhone just after 6 month old Ethan’s bath.

Apple iPad
If you can afford this more extravagant gift, there is no one who wouldn’t love to get one.

eBook Reader
Please check out all the details in our article about eReaders.

NonTech But Wonderful

North Star Say Anything Game
I was introduced to this great game at a tech conference called SheCon. The best part is the next time you see the grandparent in your life you can play this game together. Ideal for 5 or more players, this game is very entertaining. Inexpensive. From North Star Games.

Say Anything Game Pieces photo by Linda Sherman

Some of the Say Anything Game Pieces. High quality, sturdy, easy to wipe clean answer boards, voting chips and score pad. Markers included.

Sample game card from Say Anything. When it’s your turn, you select a question. Your friends and family guess what answer you liked best. Be sure to be close to a bathroom. Whenever, we play this, there is so much laughter that frequent trips to the powder room become essential.

Say Anything Question Card photo by Linda Sherman

Sample Say Anything question card, sturdy and laminated, high quality like all of the pieces

Plant Something Edible in Their Garden and Take Care of It
Have a green thumb? Share it.

What’s your homemade gift idea for Grandparents Day?

  • Linda Bernstein

    Thank you for the link, Linda. Grandparents do indeed deserve lots of presents.

    • Linda Sherman

      I thoroughly enjoyed your article about Grandparents Day Linda @WordWhacker. This article started out as a very long comment on yours. I decided to stop mid-way in my essay comment and keep going here. So this would be an example of one of those #BlogChat ideas on how to get inspiration for a blog post. I have to credit fellow BlogChatter Steve Case @JoeBugBuster with giving me the first heads up on the holiday.