Build Your Personal Brand With These Books

Books to Build Your Personal Brand

Invest in yourself this holiday with some smart reading. The holidays are an excellent time for self-improvement as work quiets down for many of us. As you learn and reflect, you may realize you need to update your bios on your social media platforms, especially LinkedIn and GooglePlus. APE … [Read more...]

Social Business Savvy Boomers Make the Best Leaders

Mark Fidelman Socialized Book Cover Nikon

Boomers that are Social Business savvy have an advantage in business as employees or owners. Smart companies promote and recruit executives who are not just capable, knowledgeable managers but who also have proven online influence. Only a short-sighted company puts the social reputation of their … [Read more...]

How to Write For the 50 Plus Online Marketplace

Linda Sherman Speaking at BlogWorld NYC 2011

Do you want to learn to blog? Start a business blog? Optimize a blog you have? BlogWorld Expo 2011 in Los Angeles November 3 - 5 is an excellent conference to attend for this and more. If you can't attend in person you can still buy a virtual ticket to get the recorded information from the sessions … [Read more...]

Howard Schultz on the Importance of Social Media for Business

onward book image photo by Ray Gordon

Starbucks is a compelling case study proving the power of social media for business when used correctly. CEO Howard Schultz's new book Onward is more than an engaging business turn-around story. It is a personal story. Howard Schultz pours his soul into his business, his books and his public … [Read more...]

Social Media in Times of Crisis – Japan Earthquake Tsunami

japan crisis social media graphic by ray gordon

Social Media can help unite us in times of crisis. Within moments, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube connect the world with the voices and images on the ground as well our own global reactions. We give you here one more reason that you should be participating in social media … [Read more...]

Robert Scoble on Twitter versus Facebook for Business

robert scoble video interview image for boomer tech talk

Famous in the tech world, Robert Scoble is a technology evangelist. As he has put it himself, he "drinks from the firehose of information" so that he can pass it on to us. Known for commenting on the latest and greatest in complex areas of tech, we are fortunate to have Robert weigh in on the … [Read more...]

Help Seniors in Your Family Use Comcast DVR Remote

remote with background for feature

We decided to install a Comcast Cable TV Motorola DVR (digital video recorder) for the senior in our family. Teaching him to how to use the remote control for the DVR and TV was essential. Including a DVR made it more technically challenging than just providing him with cable TV but the DVR allows … [Read more...]

Online Video Tips to Build Your Business or Personal Reputation – Interview with Steve Garfield

remabulous caroline donohue speaking at first tuesday lecture series

Internet video is a powerful tool you can use to tell your story for your business, your personal reputation or your art. Youtube has become a place where people search to find tutorial, information or stories of interest. You probably already own a video camera. If you have recently bought a … [Read more...]