Why eReaders are Great for Boomers and Their Parents as Well

Screenwriter Tracey Jackson Loves Her Kindle Fire

Not too long ago, while traveling on the cross-town bus to a midday appointment, I took out my iPad to do a bit of reading. After several minutes I looked up to check how far we’d gone. But what caught my attention were the seven or eight people around me immersed in their e-readers. OK, maybe not … [Read more...]

Evolution of Technology – Rotary Dial Phone Nostalgia

Old Rotary Dial Telephone

This Evolution of Technology series article focuses on the rotary telephone or as our guest co-author Professor Weber likes to refer to our recent old telephone past - Reflections on Prehistoric Telecommunications. Professor Weber leads off: When boxing up possessions to remove from a room I’m … [Read more...]

The History of Snapshot Technology

History of Snapshot Photography Technology

Snapshots are everywhere - in family albums, scrapbooks, and even in forgotten corners of dresser drawers.  With the advent of affordable digital cameras and smart phones, we can now have a highly capable camera with us at all times, ready to record something of interest at any moment.  Yet it … [Read more...]