How to Write For the 50 Plus Online Marketplace

Do you want to learn to blog? Start a business blog? Optimize a blog you have? BlogWorld Expo 2011 in Los Angeles November 3 – 5 is an excellent conference to attend for this and more. If you can’t attend in person you can still buy a virtual ticket to get the recorded information from the sessions at your leisure.

Get in on BlogWorldExpo! I have attended the last four BlogWorld’s and benefitted from each one. BlogWorld is just the right size for meeting people, enjoying sessions and learning. Even if you plan to attend, it is a great idea to buy the virtual ticket which gives you online access to recorded conference sessions with slide presentations and audio. That is because it is impossible to attend every one of the 100 plus sessions as they run simultaneously.

BlogWorld features sessions on content creation, distribution, monetization, mobile, digital broadcasting, tools and technology, and social media. There are community tracks for specific areas of content including: cause,food, music and entertainment, real estate, health, sports, tourism and travel.

I presented a content creation session at BlogWorld NYC in May 2011 called How to Write For and Engage the 50 Plus Marketplace Online. If 50 plus consumers are of interest to your business, cause or study, you should find the slides here of value.

When I write for Boomer Tech Talk, my focus is on providing easy to understand tips on social media and technology that boomers can use for themselves, their business and their parents or other significant seniors in their lives.

Linda Sherman Speaking at BlogWorld NYC 2011

To prepare for my presentation, the first step was to provide an educated overview of that marketplace, including why it is valuable to attract these readers and what interests and concerns them. Following is a list of acknowledgements for interviews and books that were kindly provided to support my preparation, as well as resources that I accessed.

Vinton Cerf, Google
Shelli Snelling,
Dr. Sandra Timmerman, Mature Market Institute,
Michelle Robson,

Useful Books:
They’re Your Parents Too! – Francine Russo
Turning Silver into Gold – Mary Furlong
Vibrant Nation, What Boomer Women Know, Think and Buy – Stephen Reily

Special thanks:
Rosa Mangiardi, Continuum Crew, public relations

Additional Resources:
AARP – Lori Bitter
Internet Retailer
Osher Foundation
Pew Research
Purdue University Center on Aging
Scarborough Research

I co-presented with Eva Abreu. You will see in the slides that I presented part one and Eva presented part two which focused on case studies. It was a pleasure creating this presentation with her.

Although, there is a message on this presentation frame saying “view on slideshare”, you can see these slides right here by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the show.

  • Bruce Sallan

    Shhhhh, I’m over 50. But, I like to think that I’m really still in college. NO DOUBT this market – us BB’s – will change the world yet again because we don’t plan on dying!

    • Linda Sherman

      Thank you Bruce. Indeed characteristics of the baby boomer generation moving through our 50’s, 60’s and 70’s will continue to look very different from our parents. 

  • Stephen Reily

    Thanks, Linda, for a great presentation.  I’m always happy to be cited, but especially in such good company among peers like Michelle King Robson of EmpowHER.  You’ve made some great points, and I’m glad to be part of this conversation.  For one of my own articles about engaging the power of online referrals among Boomer women, see: 

    Stephen Reily

    • Linda Sherman

      Thank you Stephen @VibrantNation for contributing your book to my research for this presentation.

  • Caryn/The Mid Life Guru

    My blog is almost a year old and is dedicated to the baby boomer bunch.  I signed up for my first Blogworld conference next month and am so excited to attend and learn how to get my blog out to more readers. Thanks for sharing these great tips.