Creative Tech Gifts for Valentines Day

Flowers, candy and jewelry are so last century, not to mention gender specific. Did you know that in Japan women give chocolates to men and men don’t give gifts on Valentines Day at all? Ladies, if we want gifts, let’s at least be reciprocal.

We came up with a few  Valentines Day tech gifts for both men and women that we think break the mold of the usual fare. Hopefully one of these will appeal to you or might lead to a creative gift idea of your own.

Portable Hard Drive Loaded With Memory Photos

Verbatim Acclaim 320GB USB portable hard drive

Photo Montage by Ray Gordon

Back in the day, mix tapes were a very nice hand-made offering to a loved one. Today high capacity portable pocket-sized hard drives are surprisingly low cost and very useful. Why not fill a small portion of a new drive with photos special to your special guy or gal before presenting. Very personalized and very valuable!
We examined a variety of these drives at the Consumer Electronic Show in January that we look forward to reviewing for you soon. For Valentines Day, our featured pick is the Verbatim Acclaim 320 GB USB Portable External Hard Drive.

The Verbatim Acclaim series of portable hard drives are among the smallest portable hard drives we’ve seen.  The drive comes in capacities ranging from 320GB all the way up to one terabyte (1,000GB), which is plenty of room for back-ups and  important files you’d like to carry with you. Even the smallest capacity drive (320GB) can hold over 100,000 (10MB) JPEG photos or up to 80,000 songs. The series comes in various colors (black, blue, red and pink), but not all colors are available for each capacity model. All the Acclaim drives connect via a supplied USB cable, making it easy to connect to virtually any computer.

High Tech Beach Mat for Two Eliminates Sand

cgear multimat sand free beach blanket for two

Photo courtesy of CGear Sand-Free Ltd

The CGear Sand-Free Multimat can be used for the beach, picnics, camping or other outdoor experiences alone or with a beach towel. Keep your cuddling experience sand and dirt free. Their unique, patented two-layer mesh allows sand and dirt to fall through without coming back up from below. This mat is easy to pack up and carry – and you won’t be carrying home half the beach or pounds of dirt.

The MultiMat has a tech background – this product was originally developed for the military in Australia as a helicopter landing pad, eliminating surface dirt and sand to prevent the disorienting dust cloud common in helicopter landings in dry, dusty places.

Even those of you who hate Valentines Day might enjoy it more if you take the time to dream up a creative alternative to the usual commercial Valentines Day products.

Would you like to share a creative Valentines Day suggestion with us?

  • Rubba Slippa

    Ask for it at your favorite resort in Hawaii. This is the best beach mat for Waikiki, Wailea, Kaanapali, Lanikai, Hanalei, Hanauma, Kapalua, Hapuna, or your secret spot on the islands. Help keep the grass mats out of the landfills while you enjoy a sand free environment. Coming soon! Find one on Maui at any Maui Dive Shop. Retailers may contact me at for more information.

    • Linda Sherman

      I can understand your enthusiasm for @CGearSandFree Rubba @RubbaSlippa Ray and I were going to take our own photo of the MultiMat on Shipwreck Beach here in Kauai but we got hit by rain the last few days – and Valentine’s Day could wait no longer.

  • Anonymous

    I have to vote for the high tech beach mat!

    • Linda Sherman

      Thank you @JulieSpira! Seeing your smiling face reminds me that as an alternative to a premium dating site payment, a gift to a single friend or relative could be a packet of sessions with The CyberDatingExpert™

      • Linda Sherman

        And there it is! @JulieSpira’s unique V-Day gift idea – 15 Magic Minutes to Ask Her Anything (relationship questions) for $27.

  • Clara Berta

    I also love the high tech beach mat! I need to get one of those next.

    • Linda Sherman

      With your love of the outdoors Clara, it really makes sense.

  • Anonymous

    In line with the idea of a portable hard-drive filled with photos, one might also try one of those digital photo-frames that scroll through different pictures.

  • Anonymous

    In line with the idea of a portable hard-drive filled with photos, one might also try one of those digital photo-frames that scroll through different pictures.

    • Linda Sherman

      Yes! @ilovegarick Or to raise the indulgence level of the portable hard drive gift – deliver as a set with pre-prepared folders to update the digital photos frame with ease.

  • Bruce Sallan

    Don’t forget guys, that “your women” like gifts ALL year long and the more you take care of them with these little things, now and then, the more they’ll take care of you or, as my wife says, “Happy wife, Happy life!”