Christmas Tech Gifts

Looking for the last minute perfect Christmas Gift?

Here are our BoomerTechTalk recommendations for this year.

LifeProof Cases and Holders for iPhone and iPad

If your loved one spends any time near water, they will love these products. In Hawaii, they are indispensable. But anywhere people, boat, swim, paddle board or even bike is a great place for LifeProof. If you get caught in the rain on a bike, your smart phone will be ruined. But if you are out biking, you really should have a phone with you for emergencies. LifeProof is not just about water, it protects your iPhone or iPad from shock and dirt.
There are also LifeProof products available for Samsung Galaxy 3 and 4 as well as the Apple ipods.
From $80. Check out their accessories like arm bands and bike mounts as well.

The top 10 LifeProof Selfies photo challenge for 2013 is ongoing until December 29, 2013. You can win a LifeProof case and accessory of your choice. Don’t worry about winning an extra case after you already have one. Once someone in the family has one, everyone will want one.

This is my early attempt for a LifeProof selfie. More coming. Please watch my Instagram.

lifeproof selfie in pool

iPad Case

iPhone 5 Fre Case
Fre is pronounced free for freedom. The CEO of LifeProof explains the product

iPhone 4 Case Review by Joseph Reiff (Joseph the Computer Guy)

Apple TV

The “additional hardware required” note at the end of this heart warming commercial that is currently trending on YouTube is an AppleTV. Show your holiday videos instantly with an AppleTV. The device itself is wonderfully small. You’ll also want an Apple TV for your Netflix streaming.


Netflix streaming is only $7.99/month. Let your loved ones catch up with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Netflix streaming is generally helpful for catching up with premium TV show series via marathon viewing. You can add a gift to your own Netflix subscription, complete with gift card.

netflix gift add to your subscription image

DVR For Their Cable TV

Upgrade your loved one’s cable TV service to include a DVR. This is especially wonderful for seniors who are accustomed to being bound to must watch TV schedules. Even if they never record a single thing, it allows them to pause and rewind their live programming. Visiting for the holidays? Set up their favorite programs to record for them. If they are on Comcast, here is a handy guide for their remote.
Adds about $10/month to their cable service.

remote with background for feature

Apple Made in USA Mac Pro

Have a true geek in your family that needs big processing power? This beautiful product is the answer. We applaud their Made in USA campaign. Currently there is a crowd funding effort to buy a Mac Pro for one of the darlings of the WordPress community, the generous Chris Lema. This video will better explain the excitement over the Made in USA Mac Pro.
$3,000 and $4,000. Doesn’t ship until February but they won’t mind.

iLuv ReF series Headphones

Cancel out extraneous noise from the city or from your power mower and listen to music or an audio book even while mowing with these fashionable iLuv headphones for your iPhone.
About $100

iLuv headphones for mowing lawn

iLuv YT4000 headphones

  • Linda C Adams

    I bought 3 LifeProof cases for the 3 5s iPhones I gave as Christmas presents, this year. LifeProof cases are a MUST! Not an option!! As meticulously careful as one tries to be with a $700+ phone, there always exists that one, unfortunate moment, lurking out there for each of us, and LifeProof will save many an expensive replacement! As a professional writer, I stay true and never put in print what I do not support wholeheartedly or believe in fully ~ and LifeProof is a product I believe in! ~Linda C Adams

    • Linda Sherman

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience Linda!