Social Business Savvy Boomers Make the Best Leaders

Mark Fidelman Socialized Book Cover Nikon

Boomers that are Social Business savvy have an advantage in business as employees or owners. Smart companies promote and recruit executives who are not just capable, knowledgeable managers but who also have proven online influence. Only a short-sighted company puts the social reputation of their … [Read more...]

Robert Scoble on Twitter versus Facebook for Business

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Famous in the tech world, Robert Scoble is a technology evangelist. As he has put it himself, he "drinks from the firehose of information" so that he can pass it on to us. Known for commenting on the latest and greatest in complex areas of tech, we are fortunate to have Robert weigh in on the … [Read more...]

KODAK Zi8 Mini Camcorder Video Camera

kodak zi8 hd pocket camera

Most consumers are familiar with the Flip Video pocket camcorder, which emerged from the earliest group of mini consumer camcorders as the preferred choice for its low cost, ease-of-use and portability. After our hands-on evaluation of the new Kodak Zi8 HD, we've found a new leader in this product … [Read more...]

Sarah Evans Explains How to Get Local PR

pr expert sarah evans with linda sherman for boomer tech talk article

Generating local publicity is a worthwhile investment of effort for small businesses that serve a particular geography. Even if your target is national or international, your perspective as an informed and active member of your locality can boost awareness and sales for your business. Sarah … [Read more...]

Trying To Get Started on Twitter? Just Do It!

Christine Lu created a Twitter profile that has served her extremely well. She made herself the go-to person for people interested in China. Christine has always tweeted authentically and established relationships with her followers. She was able to bring most of her followers with her as she … [Read more...]

Reinventing Your Personal Brand – Rohit Bhargava Interview

Rohit Bhargava SVP Ogilvy PR with Doug Ulman, CEO LiveStrong following BWE10 keynote

My own story of reinvention is a very happy one. I transitioned from an elite corporate career in Japan to a lifestyle of my choice in America. To reinvent myself, I needed to learn new technical skills. Fortunately for me, I have always enjoyed studying. My dream occupation allows me to work from … [Read more...]

Online Video Tips to Build Your Business or Personal Reputation – Interview with Steve Garfield

remabulous caroline donohue speaking at first tuesday lecture series

Internet video is a powerful tool you can use to tell your story for your business, your personal reputation or your art. Youtube has become a place where people search to find tutorial, information or stories of interest. You probably already own a video camera. If you have recently bought a … [Read more...]

Local Search Tips for Small Business

local search demonstration Kauai Hawaii sushi

Google Places is Free and if you are a local business with a street address that customers or clients can visit, you should take advantage of it. You can also register your business with for Bing Local and Yahoo local. Many of your potential customers and clients will go their favorite search … [Read more...]