ZAGG Folio iPad Case Review

ZAGG Folio iPad case

The latest iPad is a fantastic mobile device. It’s high-resolution Retina display, lightweight, and easy to use touch-screen interface make it a joy to use for almost any task that can take advantage of a touch-based interface. Although editing photos, reading e-books, surfing the web, or … [Read more...]

Wacom Pen Tablets Review

Wacom pen tablet review by architect and designer Ray Gordon

Using a computer mouse to draw on your computer is a lot like drawing with a bar of soap in your hand. It is very difficult to maneuver and offers very little accuracy. Fortunately, most of us find a pen or pencil much easier to use. I have used graphic tablets in one form or another for over 30 … [Read more...]

Tech Gifts for Grandparents Day

Ray Gordon Shooting Ethan with iPhone First Six Months

Grandparents day was launched in the USA in 1978 when Jimmy Carter pronounced it a national holiday. Apple does not yet recognize it in their iCal so perhaps it is mainly a gifting holiday. But if you would like to recognize your grandparents who have been so kind to you or your kids, here is a nice … [Read more...]

Why Baby Boomers Buy and Enjoy eReaders

Screenwriter Tracey Jackson Loves Her Kindle Fire

Not too long ago, while traveling on the cross-town bus to a midday appointment, I took out my iPad to do a bit of reading. After several minutes I looked up to check how far we’d gone. But what caught my attention were the seven or eight people around me immersed in their e-readers. OK, maybe not … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

The home screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 can be easily customized based on personal preferences

When it comes to mobile technology, for me, it’s all about convenience, usability, and dealing effectively with information overload. I want the smallest, lightest, most simple device I can carry that still puts everything I want at my fingertips when I need it. While I love my iPhone 4, the fact … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs, The Passing of a Tech Legend

RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, Apple's visionary co-founder who led the technology giant from its humble beginnings in his father's garage to the lofty status as one of America's most valuable companies, passed away on Wednesday, October 5. Within hours, there were already thousands of tributes that described his … [Read more...]

The History of Snapshot Technology

History of Snapshot Photography Technology

Snapshots are everywhere - in family albums, scrapbooks, and even in forgotten corners of dresser drawers.  With the advent of affordable digital cameras and smart phones, we can now have a highly capable camera with us at all times, ready to record something of interest at any moment.  Yet it … [Read more...]

KODAK Zi8 Mini Camcorder Video Camera

kodak zi8 hd pocket camera

Most consumers are familiar with the Flip Video pocket camcorder, which emerged from the earliest group of mini consumer camcorders as the preferred choice for its low cost, ease-of-use and portability. After our hands-on evaluation of the new Kodak Zi8 HD, we've found a new leader in this product … [Read more...]

Backing Up is NOT Hard to Do

various sized hard drives for back up

Backing up your computer is like flossing – eventually, you’ll realize it was a good idea to do it regularly. Recently, I received an e-mail from a long-time friend requesting my contact information, which he had lost when his hard drive crashed. It was his first such experience, and it was far … [Read more...]