Help Seniors in Your Family Use Comcast DVR Remote

remote with background for feature

We decided to install a Comcast Cable TV Motorola DVR (digital video recorder) for the senior in our family. Teaching him to how to use the remote control for the DVR and TV was essential. Including a DVR made it more technically challenging than just providing him with cable TV but the DVR allows … [Read more...]

Reinventing Your Personal Brand – Rohit Bhargava Interview

Rohit Bhargava SVP Ogilvy PR with Doug Ulman, CEO LiveStrong following BWE10 keynote

My own story of reinvention is a very happy one. I transitioned from an elite corporate career in Japan to a lifestyle of my choice in America. To reinvent myself, I needed to learn new technical skills. Fortunately for me, I have always enjoyed studying. My dream occupation allows me to work from … [Read more...]