Attribution for Photographs and Images

Outrigger Canoe one man OC-1 Black Scorpius photo by Ray Gordon of

Some of my friends on Facebook marvel at my ability to identify photo sources. I want to teach you how so that you can do it too. You are not detracting from your photo post by including an image credit with it. Providing a credit shows that you acknowledge other people's creative efforts. Photo … [Read more...]

How to Stay Fit in a Computer Centric Job

Bruce in the Super Pipe at Mammoth, CA in 2010

Jack LaLanne had an influence on the lives of many Baby Boomers. His inspiring chatter during his TV exercise show about healthy food and regular exercise was revolutionary at the time. He died January 23, 2011 at 96. Jack's level of activity in his late years demonstrates the possibilities for all … [Read more...]

Help Seniors in Your Family Use Comcast DVR Remote

remote with background for feature

We decided to install a Comcast Cable TV Motorola DVR (digital video recorder) for the senior in our family. Teaching him to how to use the remote control for the DVR and TV was essential. Including a DVR made it more technically challenging than just providing him with cable TV but the DVR allows … [Read more...]

How To Comment on a Website

How to Comment

Have you never commented on a website? You are not alone. Many people enjoy reading websites but have not yet tried to comment. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started. Why Comment? There are benefits to commenting. Here are some of them: - Share your opinion with the author and other … [Read more...]

Trying To Get Started on Twitter? Just Do It!

Christine Lu created a Twitter profile that has served her extremely well. She made herself the go-to person for people interested in China. Christine has always tweeted authentically and established relationships with her followers. She was able to bring most of her followers with her as she … [Read more...]

How Your Cell Phone Can Save Your Life

ICE in case of emergency logo 380 x 254

Almost any cell phone can get you rescued. But a smart phone gives you more ways to reach help. When cell phones were first introduced, a key selling point for families was the help they could provide in an emergency situation. Even the limited functionality of the early phones allowed you to reach … [Read more...]

Reinventing Your Personal Brand – Rohit Bhargava Interview

Rohit Bhargava SVP Ogilvy PR with Doug Ulman, CEO LiveStrong following BWE10 keynote

My own story of reinvention is a very happy one. I transitioned from an elite corporate career in Japan to a lifestyle of my choice in America. To reinvent myself, I needed to learn new technical skills. Fortunately for me, I have always enjoyed studying. My dream occupation allows me to work from … [Read more...]

Backing Up is NOT Hard to Do

various sized hard drives for back up

Backing up your computer is like flossing – eventually, you’ll realize it was a good idea to do it regularly. Recently, I received an e-mail from a long-time friend requesting my contact information, which he had lost when his hard drive crashed. It was his first such experience, and it was far … [Read more...]

Local Search Tips for Small Business

local search demonstration Kauai Hawaii sushi

Google Places is Free and if you are a local business with a street address that customers or clients can visit, you should take advantage of it. You can also register your business with for Bing Local and Yahoo local. Many of your potential customers and clients will go their favorite search … [Read more...]

How I Met My Wife Online

Wedding Day for Debbie and Bruce

Internet or Online Dating has rapidly gone from being in the shadows, almost like porn on the web, to acceptance and extraordinary success and consumer acceptance. From just a few websites that offered such a service, there is now an industry of competing websites, often with very specific … [Read more...]