ZAGG Folio iPad Case Review

ZAGG Folio iPad case

The latest iPad is a fantastic mobile device. It’s high-resolution Retina display, lightweight, and easy to use touch-screen interface make it a joy to use for almost any task that can take advantage of a touch-based interface. Although editing photos, reading e-books, surfing the web, or … [Read more...]

Read Over 140 Magazines on Next Issue

First Issue Online Magazines

Over the past few years, the rise of electronic publishing has meant a significant decline in print media. Newspapers as well as magazines have felt the pinch as readers have looked to online options, including the online editions of many print titles themselves. A number of publishers are … [Read more...]

How and Why to Use iWatermark+ for Your Photos and Art

Reflections on Kauai by Linda Sherman

Every day photos with unknown sources are shared on social media and blogs. Most of the people posting these photos without credit do not do so with malicious intent. They have found a nice image that they want to share with their friends or readers. The image makes their point. I have written at … [Read more...]

Bill Maher Rages Against Ageism in America

Bill Maher ageism rant Gov Jerry Brown for President

Growing old need not be seen as a liability - yet for many people that's exactly what happens. This is especially true of a significant percentage of the younger generation in today's society. Bill Maher recently addressed this issue in a classic rant on his HBO show Real Time. "Ageism … [Read more...]

Waterproof iPhone Case Lifeproof Review and Tips

Ashley Guarrasi in pool with LifeProof case photo by Ray Gordon

Protecting your phone from water during outdoor activities is challenging, especially during the summer months when many of us are active around pools, the beach and more. In my home state of Hawaii, many people choose to live here because they love the water. It's a water centric kind of place … [Read more...]

Boom Swimmer WaterProof Bluetooth Speaker Review

Boom Swimmer on pool float by Linda Sherman

The Boom Movement Swimmer waterproof bluetooth speaker is designed to go anywhere with you. Lightweight, simple but very clever, the "tail" of the Swimmer wraps around a large variety of objects, as stationary as your shower head and as mobile as the handlebars on your bike. We … [Read more...]

Attribution for Photographs and Images

Outrigger Canoe one man OC-1 Black Scorpius photo by Ray Gordon of

Some of my friends on Facebook marvel at my ability to identify photo sources. I want to teach you how so that you can do it too. You are not detracting from your photo post by including an image credit with it. Providing a credit shows that you acknowledge other people's creative efforts. Photo … [Read more...]

Wacom Pen Tablets Review

Wacom pen tablet review by architect and designer Ray Gordon

Using a computer mouse to draw on your computer is a lot like drawing with a bar of soap in your hand. It is very difficult to maneuver and offers very little accuracy. Fortunately, most of us find a pen or pencil much easier to use. I have used graphic tablets in one form or another for over 30 … [Read more...]

Review of High Tech Locks for Home Security

keypads and deadbolts

Securing your home and its precious contents is always high on any homeowner’s list of priorities. The traditional method has been to simply turn a key and either lock the doorknob or extend a deadbolt into the door’s frame. Recent advances in electronics have made the process of locking your front … [Read more...]

Build Your Personal Brand With These Books

Books to Build Your Personal Brand

Invest in yourself this holiday with some smart reading. The holidays are an excellent time for self-improvement as work quiets down for many of us. As you learn and reflect, you may realize you need to update your bios on your social media platforms, especially LinkedIn and GooglePlus. APE … [Read more...]