Waterproof iPhone Case Lifeproof Review and Tips

Ashley Guarrasi in pool with LifeProof case photo by Ray Gordon

Protecting your phone from water during outdoor activities is challenging, especially during the summer months when many of us are active around pools, the beach and more. In my home state of Hawaii, many people choose to live here because they love the water. It's a water centric kind of place … [Read more...]

Boom Swimmer WaterProof Bluetooth Speaker Review

Boom Swimmer on pool float by Linda Sherman

The Boom Movement Swimmer waterproof bluetooth speaker is designed to go anywhere with you. Lightweight, simple but very clever, the "tail" of the Swimmer wraps around a large variety of objects, as stationary as your shower head and as mobile as the handlebars on your bike. We … [Read more...]

Attribution for Photographs and Images

Outrigger Canoe one man OC-1 Black Scorpius photo by Ray Gordon of CourageGroup.com

Some of my friends on Facebook marvel at my ability to identify photo sources. I want to teach you how so that you can do it too. You are not detracting from your photo post by including an image credit with it. Providing a credit shows that you acknowledge other people's creative efforts. Photo … [Read more...]

Wacom Pen Tablets Review

Wacom pen tablet review by architect and designer Ray Gordon

Using a computer mouse to draw on your computer is a lot like drawing with a bar of soap in your hand. It is very difficult to maneuver and offers very little accuracy. Fortunately, most of us find a pen or pencil much easier to use. I have used graphic tablets in one form or another for over 30 … [Read more...]

Review of High Tech Locks for Home Security

keypads and deadbolts

Securing your home and its precious contents is always high on any homeowner’s list of priorities. The traditional method has been to simply turn a key and either lock the doorknob or extend a deadbolt into the door’s frame. Recent advances in electronics have made the process of locking your front … [Read more...]

Build Your Personal Brand With These Books

Books to Build Your Personal Brand

Invest in yourself this holiday with some smart reading. The holidays are an excellent time for self-improvement as work quiets down for many of us. As you learn and reflect, you may realize you need to update your bios on your social media platforms, especially LinkedIn and GooglePlus. APE … [Read more...]

Social Business Savvy Boomers Make the Best Leaders

Mark Fidelman Socialized Book Cover Nikon

Boomers that are Social Business savvy have an advantage in business as employees or owners. Smart companies promote and recruit executives who are not just capable, knowledgeable managers but who also have proven online influence. Only a short-sighted company puts the social reputation of their … [Read more...]

Retirement Planning Reality for Boomers

Retirees Couple Money Slipping Away by Ray Gordon

Back in late 1980, most American businesses decided to make a fundamental change in who was responsible for taking care of your individual retirement. The switch was from a defined benefit form of retirement for workers and their executives, to a defined contribution system. This switch caused … [Read more...]

Do I Really Want to Work to 90

Typical of the homes Marion builds. This is a summer home for an architect client himself; with a decidedly green focus. Photo by CASUDI

Many boomers are rethinking their retirement plans. A June 11th report from the Federal Reserve, reported that average net worth fell 40% between 2007 and 2010. Changing retirement plans is not as bad as it sounds, and this is what a small business owner client of mine found out. Marion Speidel … [Read more...]

Why Baby Boomers Buy and Enjoy eReaders

Screenwriter Tracey Jackson Loves Her Kindle Fire

Not too long ago, while traveling on the cross-town bus to a midday appointment, I took out my iPad to do a bit of reading. After several minutes I looked up to check how far we’d gone. But what caught my attention were the seven or eight people around me immersed in their e-readers. OK, maybe not … [Read more...]