Why eReaders are Great for Boomers and Their Parents as Well

Screenwriter Tracey Jackson Loves Her Kindle Fire

Not too long ago, while traveling on the cross-town bus to a midday appointment, I took out my iPad to do a bit of reading. After several minutes I looked up to check how far we’d gone. But what caught my attention were the seven or eight people around me immersed in their e-readers. OK, maybe not … [Read more...]

Senior Assisted Living and the Sandwich Generation

Enjoying a trip to Vegas with my parents

Dealing with aging parents has always been a challenge, but in recent years with longevity increasing almost exponentially, it’s become an even bigger job. Boomers are often in the situation of being The Sandwich Generation because of this modern phenomenon of raising kids and dealing with aging … [Read more...]

Help Seniors in Your Family Use Comcast DVR Remote

remote with background for feature

We decided to install a Comcast Cable TV Motorola DVR (digital video recorder) for the senior in our family. Teaching him to how to use the remote control for the DVR and TV was essential. Including a DVR made it more technically challenging than just providing him with cable TV but the DVR allows … [Read more...]