Build Your Personal Brand With These Books

Invest in yourself this holiday with some smart reading. The holidays are an excellent time for self-improvement as work quiets down for many of us. As you learn and reflect, you may realize you need to update your bios on your social media platforms, especially LinkedIn and GooglePlus.

Books to Build Your Personal Brand

APE by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch
How to publish a book. Artisanal Publishing Entrepreneur. Does it seem like more books are being published by your colleagues these days? If you are getting a ‘publish or perish’ twinge or just want to get that novel that’s waiting inside you on to paper – this book is for you. Guy Kawasaki takes you through all the steps you need to effectively self-publish and market an e-book. APE was written with the intention of providing a continuing resource. There are 400 reference links and tips on essential publishing topics such as covers, pricing and uploading your book, and how to navigate Amazon. Guy brings his perspective as a prolific author and expert on the field of entrepreneurship and Shawn has technical expertise for interfacing with e-readers publishing. Available as an e-book now, with paperback coming Jan 7.

Likeonomics by Rohit Bhargava
The unexpected truth behind earning trust, influencing behavior, and inspiring action. Rohit employs a principles framework called TRUST, standing for Truth, Relevance, Unselfishness, Simplicity, and Timing. The book contains extensive examples including a regional team of financial advisors that went from being ranked 173rd out of 176 branches to first, staying there for thirteen of the next fifteen years. We are not talking about the Facebook like here. Rohit cleverly provides bonus materials for readers of the book at While Rohit is a professor at Georgetown University, he avoids an academic style of writing and uses an easy reading, likable conversational tone. Available in hard cover, e-book and audio.

Think Like Zuck by Ekaterina Walter
The five business secrets of Facebook’s improbably brilliant CEO Mark Zuckerberg
The five keys in this book are: passion, purpose, people, product, and partnerships. Ekaterina begins by explaining the significant impact of Facebook on the world. Did you realize that the Facebook “like” was introduced as recently as April 2010? Though Ekaterina leads with Facebook, she also brings in examples like Threadless, College Humor, TOMS, Dyson, XPLANE, JESS3 and Zappos to explain why some entrepreneurs are successful. I liked Ekaterina’s checklist for partnership: clear expectations, shared values and vision, mutual trust, fair exchange of value, complementary strengths, commitment and mutual respect. If you pre-order at, you get a free download of her Social DNA: Becoming a Social Business: a Practical Guide to Social Media Adoption Within any Organization. Available in e-book now and hard cover January 15

Socialized! by Mark Fidelman
How the most successful businesses harness the power of social. To compete today you must understand Social Business. Mark’s book is a good introduction that explains what Social Business is and what your company needs to do to make it happen. My full review here. Available in hard cover, e-book, and Kindle (including audio/video.)

Creating a Done Done Culture by Chris Lema
The 12 habits of high performers and what it means for you as a leader. Chris Lema is a generous writer. I have found that everything he writes has value. Done Done Culture is from another of Chris’s themes, tips to help you succeed in business. Done Done delivers the twelve habits of high performers. Personal accountability and ownership are featured in these tips that will help you attract other high performers to you and your team. I enjoy Chris’s daily blogs at, where he provides Leadership, WordPress and Presentation tips. A quick read, Done Done Culture is available in e-book and PDF.

Laughing at Wall Street by Chris Camillo
How I beat the pro’s at investing (by reading tabloids, shopping at the mall, and connecting on Facebook) and how you can too. I’ve included this book because financial security allows you to spend time doing all those things you should be doing to build your personal brand. This is a fun, practical guide for the novice investor. Available in hard cover and e-book.

Social Media Analytics by Marshall Sponder
Effective tools for building, interpreting, and using metrics
A book on this topic goes out of date by the time it is published. Yet Social Media Analytics will give you a good base for understanding the developing field of social media analytics. You will realize that none of the tools currently available can completely answer your needs. However, you will learn who the players are, how to build a requirements list and customization possibilities for your organization. Available in e-book and hard cover.

Guy Kawasaki and Linda Sherman at NMX (BlogWorld)

Guy Kawasaki with Linda Sherman at NMX (BlogWorld)

Rohit Bhargava and Linda Sherman

Linda Sherman with Rohit Bhargava at NMX (BlogWorld)

Ekaterina Walter with Linda Sherman

Ekaterina Walter with Linda Sherman at NMX (BlogWorld) NYC

Laughing at Wall Street author with Linda Sherman and Ray Gordon

Chris Camillo with Linda Sherman and Ray Gordon at NMX (BlogWorld)

These four author photos were taken at New Media Expo (NMX – formerly BlogWorld). If you enjoy meeting great thinkers like those listed here, I recommend that you attend. The next New Media Expo, BusinessNext Social conference is January 6 – 8 in Las Vegas. There is still time to get your ticket. Hope to see you there.

Please let me know how your investment in yourself is going this holiday season.