Last Minute Holiday Gift Picks

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Looking for a last minute Christmas or Hannukah gift? Here are a number of tech gifts that you can have delivered on time - or at least allow you to notify them that the gift is on its way. Tech Stocking Stuffers from the iTunes Store These gifts may be low-cost, but they show others … [Read more...]

Do I Really Want to Work to 90

Typical of the homes Marion builds. This is a summer home for an architect client himself; with a decidedly green focus. Photo by CASUDI

Many boomers are rethinking their retirement plans. A June 11th report from the Federal Reserve, reported that average net worth fell 40% between 2007 and 2010. Changing retirement plans is not as bad as it sounds, and this is what a small business owner client of mine found out. Marion Speidel … [Read more...]

Best Activities to Bond with Techie Kids

Teen Expert Vanessa Van Petten Head Shot

By Vanessa Van Petten, creator of, a parenting website written from the teen perspective to help parents understand them. I believe technology provides some really fun activities for techie kids and parents, grandparents or even teachers to bond. In my book Do I Get My … [Read more...]

Verify Technorati

Here is the code to verify technoratif for Boomer Tech Talk. B53CY3S6X2Q3 … [Read more...]

Last Minute Tech Gift Ideas

last minute tech gift ideas - boomer tech talk

Last minute gift ideas by definition demand efficient purchasing. You are out of time. The only thing that is clear in your mind is that you would like to get a tech related gift. That is why you have come to our how-to tech site for ideas. The good news is that except for very young recipients, … [Read more...]

Boomer Tech Talk Reviews

We write reviews for tech products, books and tools that are useful for social media and understanding your tech gadgets. You are welcome to contact us regarding items for review. You can write us at: info at boomertechtalk dot com. We only publish review of products and services that we … [Read more...]