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Linda Sherman Gordon Social Media Marketing ConsultantBoomerTechTalk Co-Founder and Managing Editor

Linda Sherman has spoken extensively on big stages in Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles. She has taught presentation skills in Japanese to advertising company staff groups in Tokyo and continues to enjoy public speaking.

Linda is an avid tennis player, foodie, fitness buff and appreciator of good film.

Linda enjoyed school and prefers a life where she never stops learning. She has mastered several languages including the languages required to take advantage of on-line marketing tools, including search engine optimization and social media.

Many people call themselves social media marketing consultants. Linda Sherman brings a unique background and business credibility to her work.

Linda Sherman set up Coors Japan as the only independent foreign beer company in that country. Linda’s “claim to fame in Japan” is her unprecedented viral campaign that launched Zima there, creating an entirely new beverage category in the marketplace. Among her other executive positions, Linda managed over 500 employees as CEO of Club Med Japan.

Linda is able to integrate her hands-on corporate marketing and management experience with social media/search expertise to guide clients through planning and training to take advantage of today’s latest marketing tools. These methods have been successful for her clients ranging from artists, authors and start-up small businesses to corporations.

Linda currently runs The Courage Group with her husband, award-winning designer Ray Gordon. They specialize in providing digital film and innovative marketing programs. Linda sits on the board of several companies, including a sustainable aqua farming venture.

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