Boomer Tech Talk (BTT)

Boomer Tech Talk was created to fill the void for the average person who finds modern technology and the Internet overwhelming.  It’s for those who want to join the tech generation, but are baffled by its apparent intricacies.

No one who pays any attention to business, consumer, or family can deny the incredible impact the growth of technology has had upon every facet of our lives. There are fewer and fewer endeavors that don’t use the Internet in some way. In today’s economy, many people are seeking to transition to new jobs, or start their own business. You must have some Internet presence to succeed.

But, where do you go for help?  When you buy that new computer, smart phone, book reader, even television surround sound system, you open the box and stare at the manual and all the parts.  There’s usually a prominent label on the box that says something like, “Please don’t return. If you have any trouble setting this up, call this ‘number.’”

You know what that usually means.  A long voice menu, a long wait, and then maybe, if you’re not disconnected, you get a person who may be able to help you.  Frustrating, without a doubt.

Boomer Tech Talk came about after Bruce Sallan and Linda Sherman Gordon had worked together for about a year.  Bruce was fortunate to find Linda, who is a prominent Social Media Marketing Consultant.  Bruce had begun a new career as a columnist and was at least open, willing, and lucky enough to connect with Linda to help him learn more than the basics he already knew.  Step by step, Linda took Bruce from relative tech-boob to almost tech-geek–a journey through tech-land!

Along the way, Bruce got the added benefit of having Linda’s husband join in the effort, assisting with videography, photography, tech tips, and other complementary skills. That worked totally to Bruce’s benefit and good fortune (as it does for Linda and Ray’s other Courage Group clients). Linda and Ray are truly the dream team.

Bruce’s career as a writer blossomed with Linda’s tutelage and Ray’s help, along with his own initiative and persistence.  Nonetheless, he still occasionally resisted some of the things Linda wanted him to try and learn, like Twitter.  He had misconceptions and/or fears about Twitter as well as other tech software (e.g. programs), hardware (computers, iPods, phones, etc.), but slowly and surely he “got it.”

Bruce recalled how he was unable to ever get his parents to learn to program their VCR.  Now, his generation of peers were turning to their kids to program their DVRs and learn how to text with their “smart” phones.

That “tech-land” journey made us realize what was missing. We wanted to create a place that our generation could go to for technology help in simple-to-understand language.

Boomer Tech Talk understands that it’s important to stay relevant and connected to our fast-changing world.  It’s for parents who want to keep up with their kids.  It’s for adults who want to get their parents to keep up with them.  It’s for anyone who is open and willing to learn.

Boomers are the Sandwich Generation. Many of you have children and many of you have at least one parent still living. We have become the tech help desk for that parent. Understanding technology and social media matters in both these relationships. We address tech support and family matters across our site but particularly in our “Family” section. We will continue to research and share with you particular resources that help boomers help their senior family members. We list those in our “Silvers” section.

Bruce, Linda, and Ray J. Gordon created BoomerTechTalk.com with all these things in mind.  They brought each of their respective skills, personalities, and passions to BTT during the first year of Boomer Tech Talk. During the process, Bruce’s understanding of social media and technology matured to the point where it became difficult to rant against it and he wanted to devote his energy to his book and other projects. So our current partnership is the happily married duo, Linda Sherman and Ray Gordon whose respective skills work so well together for their company, The Courage Group.

With BoomerTechTalk.com, you’ll find information you need to assist you on the journey to technology comfort.

Social Media – There’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and so many other “names” you’ve heard and read about.  Which do you need for your personal life or for your work life?  This is where you go to find that out.

How-To’s – Willingness to learn is one thing, how to do it is another.  Our “How To” section offers various tools, articles, and videos that will help you learn that particular thing you want to learn.

Videos – Our resident “Barbara Walters” (aka Linda Sherman Gordon) literally travels the world interviewing “players” in the worlds of Social Media and Technology.  This section will include some of her interviews and often they will be in a tips-oriented format.

Small Biz – Our country has always been one of hard-working self-reliant small businesses.  The Internet has changed how small businesses operate in very fundamental ways. Staying competitive requires being cyber-savvy.  You’ll find that help in this section of BTT.

Reviews – Here you’ll find reviews of social media tools, new tech products, necessary “old” ones, books, and more.

Rants – In this section, you will get to laugh and commiserate as Bruce honestly explored the frustrations “real” people feel with different technology.  Go here to feel “not alone” and for a good laugh.

Comix – We had a 14-year-old art prodigy, Aaron Sallan, who created an original comic strip called “It’s a Tech World After All.” It explored the humor in the frustrations some of us feel trying to catch up with our kids in all things technological. Although Aaron wrote a mean comic, he tired of this Dad – Son collaboration and moved on to other activities.

We welcome your input, comments, thoughts, and suggestions.  Contact information for Linda Sherman Gordon, and Ray Gordon is right here in the “About” section of our site.

Linda Sherman, Bruce Sallan, Ray Gordon co-creators BoomerTechTalk

Linda Sherman, Bruce Sallan, Ray Gordon co-creators BTT

Now, let’s start learning.  First thing, open that digital camera you’ve had sitting on your desk the past few weeks.  Buy that new smart-phone and learn how to text.  Don’t be afraid.  We’re here to help and make it fun as well.